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Here Comes Windows 8!

Microsoft has officially come out with Windows 8. But wait! Its not yet officially confirmed if it will be called “Windows 8″. Its just code-named Windows 8 which is the next OS in line after Windows 7 which was released barely less then 2 years ago.

So, just as we are familiarizing with Windows 7’s re-designed user interface and its brand new features and getting to like it. Windows 8 is going to loaded with more redesigned interface and better functionality. Windows 8 is designed keeping in mind that it has to be used in mobile platforms also. This could bring a whole new experience for users who will get the same feel whether they are on their mobile or PC.

One striking new concept of Windows 8 is that they have completely re-designed the iconic Start Menu and replaced it with a tiled screen where each tile launches an application. Some what like that in an iOS of iPhone, but better. The better part is these tiles can be ‘live’, which means constant updates and notifications of that application on its tile. Windows 8 by default will come loaded with a bunch of apps like weather app, a stock ticker app, and a built-in news app all with their ‘live tile’.

It seems to be fully designed with touch screen on mind. But they say it will work just as fine with a mouse and keyboard.

Other features include multitasking, by sliding the application to the side of the screen, very similar to the ones already available in iOS and Android. Which enables you to run 2 applications side-by-side.

Now, the good news Windows 8 is still in development stage and you can’t expect it to hit the stores will the end of 2012. Lots of features are still being considered. Microsoft has just decided to show us a glimpse of what to expect.

I guess we can go back and enjoy Windows 7 till then.

Here is the video Microsoft officially released on “Windows 8″ in its YouTube channel:

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