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HIV originated much before than previously thought

HIV, a virus that rattled the world with killing of the host which it infects was originally termed as the most deadliest virus of all time. It is because till date the cure of HIV  is unable.

Now, that explains the problem which the human society is facing thanks to HIV.

HIV origination was dated to 20th century where it was claimed that the  Humans got infected with virus through monkeys.

To raise a question to the above theory, a new study reveals  HIV  goes back much before in time than previous expected. The study further says, the ancestor of HIV virus is Simian immunodeficiency virus and dates this virus atleast between 32000 years to 75000 years old.

“HIV is the odd man out because, by and large, all the other species of immunodeficiency viruses impose a much lower mortality on their host species,” said Michael Worobey of Tulane University.

“So, if SIV entered the picture relatively recently as was previously thought, we would think it achieved a much lower virulence over a short timescale,” said Worobey.

But our findings suggest the opposite. If HIV is going to evolve to lower virulence, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon,” he said.

The study also raises a question about the origin of HIV, which scientists believe evolved from SIV

“Something happened in the 20th century to change this relatively benign monkey virus into something that was much more potent and could start the epidemic,” said Marx.

“We now have this little island that is revealing clues about SIV, and it says, ”It”s old.” Now we know that humans were almost certainly exposed to SIV for a long time, probably hundreds of thousands of years,” said Worobey.

I reckon, the discovery of whereabouts of how the virus evolved will help scientist to develop the cure to the virus. Lets hope for the best of the human society

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