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iPad iOS 4.2 release date yet to be revealed!

Tick tock on the iPad iOS 4.2 release date, whose exact day is yet to be revealed but whose impending presence is close enough to reach out and grab a piece of. Now it comes down to the oddest of waiting periods: champagne delays. Go ahead and get ready to pop the cork, but your arm might grow tired before the official moment comes.

The countdown to the iOS 4.2 release for iPad isn’t quite like New Years Eve, in which you know exactly how much longer you have to wait. Instead this is like trying to count down to an unspecified moment in time, from an unspecified starting point, unsure of how fast you should count or when you should even begin. It’s a strange phenomenon, knowing you’re finally about to get what you want, and soon-ish, and yet often feeling less satisfied about the situation than when you thought what you wanted was still vaguely further off. Equate it to patiently sitting on a cross country flight for five hours, knowing that your impending departure from the plane is still a ways off one way or the other and simply deciding to make the best of it. Then, as soon as the plane touches down and reaches the gate, you’re suddenly so eager to get off the plane that you can’t stand the idea of waiting another ten minutes until the people in front of you have cleared out. And that’s where we are as far as the iOS 4.2 release, with iPhone users having patiently waited a few months and iPad users having been extremely patient in having waited all year.

Well, here comes iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone, ready or not. Be sure to go ahead and get the champagne ready. Just don’t wear out your arm while gripping the bottle in anticipation. More…

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