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Iron Age Coins Discovered in Britain

Iron Age Coins Discovered in Britain

Iron age coins and rare Roman coins were unearthed inside a cave in Dovedale, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Over two dozen of these rare coins were discovered.

The initial discovery of these coins were by a random cave dweller in the Peak district who discovered four of these coins which led to a full scale excavation by archaeologists. The archaeologists have described this as an extremely rare occurrence as the coins are from two civilizations and they believe they have been untouched for around 2000 years.

The coins were of gold and silver and are believed to belong to Corieltauvi tribe, a tribe who lived in Britain before the conquest of the Romans. The coins were dug up in Reynard’s Kitchen Cave, which is located outside the Corieltauvi’s usual boundaries.

Rachel Hall of the National Trust commented, “It might be that we have a member of the tribe living beyond the boundary that is more usually associated with the territory.” Hall added, “it’s just so special and they’re incredibly beautiful. I think it’s the most exciting site I’ve ever worked on in my life so far.”

The find included 20 Iron Age coins, three Roman coins and three coins from much later eras, according to a report complied by Ian Leins, curator of Iron Age and Roman coins at the British Museum. As the coins predated the Roman conquest of the region, archaeologists aren’t exactly sure how they were used, but interestingly, it is highly unlikely that they were utilized as a form of currency. It is believed that the coins were presented as gifts, used to store wealth or offered as sacrifices.

The 26 coins are worth roughly $3,400, and officially qualify as “treasure” under the United Kingdom’s 1996 Treasure Act, which means they need to be reported to authorities. The coins will be put on display later this year at the Buxton Museum in Derbyshire.

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