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Killed Iceman dated 5300 years ago

Iceman found between the border of Austria and Italy is the most debated issue by the scientist.

Wonder why? The Iceman found is dated way back to 5300 year old. Wasn’t it the period when Moses lived???

It is said that the iceman was murdered. Though scientist are hugely debating on this topic, the initial agreement of the scientist is that the Ice man was indeed murdered.

Poor fellow what caused to murder , no one ones.   Scientist recount the last 33 hours of the Iceman life adding ” Otzi( Iceman) had just eaten a meal of red dear meet, several grains, fruits and some root before he died”.

“X-rays reveal that an arrowhead lodged in his shoulder (plus knife wounds) had rendered poor Otzi weak.”

Cosmos Magazine digs deep into the mystery.

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