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Microsoft introduces to challenge Google,Yahoo search engines



Well its getting very very serious in the clash of Giants of  web industry. Yes this is the clash between Search Engine daddy Google ,Yahoo and MSN which is run by Microsoft. A new Search engine have been introduced by Microsoft recently. And guess what, it looks the same  as Google with the position and titles like Images,web,videos,etc.,.

The Search Engine from Microsoft has been named .yep it is, and they feel that the name is catchy. Actually the authorities in the chat, questioned that at the beginning  Google name was not a international word or verb, but now its familar to all . Like wise to grow in the web world and to attract visitors the first thing we need is a good domain name and we have it attractive.

This is what  Josh Krichefski, of digital media agency BLM Quantum quoted  “When you look historically, the names that succeed are those that are easy to remember. There are three main search engines that people know – Google, Yahoo! and MSN. All are similarly short words,” .

The depth of success lies in how short  is the domain name and how far people can remember it. To be honest when i was a kid, i struggled way too much to actually remember Google word but now its very much familiar and became my day to day activity.Andy Nicol,managing director of Sputnik digital design and marketing, also agress with the above point we mentioned.He added that the key to a successful search engine name is the punchy sound of a word.

“You want something short and catchy,” he says. “Anything longer just sounds a bit tacky.”

So far the biggest player of  Search Engines is  Google with 64%, Yahoo has a hold of 20% online users and MSN has a  mere  8.2%. The software giant Microsoft failed so long in this business. But i reckon with the introduction of they will bounce back very hard. But Its  only a beginning for , it has way too much to proceed.

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