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No Apple Watches in Stores Till June?!?

No Apple Watches in Stores Till June?!?

We know Apple is taking things very slow with the Apple Watch and that it will initially be available only online. But while we were expecting the Apple Watch to hit stores in 1-2 weeks after it was launched (which is on April 24th), Apple seems to have a more sinister plan.

A leaked employee memo that seems to be signed by Apple’s retail Chief, Angela Ahrendts suggests that Apple Watch might be available in Apple Stores only in June.

The memo doesn’t reveal any sales numbers or back-orders that pushed Apple to take such a decision but simply stated that the demand is “high”.

“Due to high global interest combined with our initial supply, we are only taking orders online right now. I’ll have more updates as we get closer to in-store availability, but we expect this to continue through the month of May,” the memo reads, which was first obtained by The Telegraph.

In the memo, Ahrendts shares some of the reasoning behind this decision. “The Apple Watch is not just a new product, but an entirely new category for us. There’s never been anything quite like it,” she writes. “Given the high interest and initial supply at launch, we will be able to get customers the model they want earlier and faster by taking orders online.”

Ahrendts adds that the interest levels are likely due to Apple’s entry into the new wearable space; the company does not plan to launch future products for online ordering before they are available in stores.

Really is Apple doing something new? But Samsung, Sony, Motorola have already released wearable devices, yes, it is a new market space but Apple is not the first and being “new” is no excuse for a $700 Billion company!

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