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Nokia Smartwatch? Leaked photos surface

Nokia smartwatch doesn’t seems like a far fetched idea for Nokia, though the once champion of mobile phone sector lost all of it’s market share to the raise of smartphones. Nokia is still fighting.

A handful of new Lumia smartphones will reportedly be unveiled toward the end of October at the Nokia World conference in Abu Dhabi, and a new Windows RT tablet is seemingly in store as well, though we really have no idea why.

Now a new report from the Far East suggests that Nokia has a smartwatch in store to round out its collection of parting gifts for consumers. The report comes from C Technology, which has published accurate details and photos of numerous unannounced devices in the past, and it includes a pair of leaked images that supposedly show the sides of Nokia’s upcoming smartwatch case. Little can be gleaned from the photos, however it appears as though the smartwatch will be made out of the same polycarbonate as Nokia’s Lumia phones.

Both leaked pictures follow below.

Nokia Smartwatch Leaked photos

Nokia Smartwatch Leaked photos

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