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Samsung launches solar-powered phone

A leading Mobile phone manufacturer Samsung has launched its new low cost mobile that is capable of charging using Solar Energy. This feature is avaliable in the product called  “Guru” which cost about Rs.2799 . The main aim to develop the solar oriented power saver is to enable the customer to charge the cell anywhere the sun is available. It is said to be a great boon where the electricity is unavailable.

‘We have developed this phone keeping in minds the needs of the consumers, especially for people in areas where the electric supply is unstable,’ said J.S. Shin, president and chief executive of Samsung, Southwest Asia. At present 20 models of Guru product has been launched and Samsung is planning to launch 20 more product to make it as 40 at the end of this year.

“Solar charging can give you enough time to make few important calls when there is no electricity or you are not close to a plug point,” said Sunil Dutt, country head of Samsung India.

The battery power can be increased to 5 to 10 min if the  user charges it for about one hour using solar energy by switch off the Handset. The full battery can be achieved if the cell is charged for about 40 hours. Now, this may seem very slow but the important fact is that it is generally considered for the case of   “NO ELECTRICITY” available in the  region. And can be more useful to make crucial call like emergency call, life saving,etc.,.

The 11th  model of  the product will be available by the end of this month across India. The future plans of introducing Solar panel in high-end phones is still on  says Dutt.

Reports suggest that, Samsung is also planning to introduce its solar powered touch screen mobile handset,Blue Earth which was unveiled at a technology conference in Barcelona,Spain earlier this year.

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