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Some Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid Effect

The Asteriod that is assumed to have hit the earth and eliminated the dinosaurs from the world might have took place. But  a new discovery of the fossil found claims that few of the dinosaurs might have been escapsed from the catastrophe.

Boy now the scientist are in  big trouble in explaining the facts. So far the scientist claimed that the dinosaurs were extinct before 65 million years  by the asteriod effect. But the discovery of the fossil of some dinosaurs found on Ojo Alamo Sandstone in the San Juan Basin led them to eat their words on dinosaurs extinction theory.

Its hard to except though but the finding proclaim that  many dinosaurs escaped the catastrophe of asteriod and they survived for many years after the impact. Well now  there  is  yet another theory for the extinction of dinosaurs that was  given with the asteriod effect. Few of the scientist reckons that after the  asteriod impact, the climatic condition of the earth changed drastically bringing the earth to sudden cold that was hard to survive and dinosaurs died due to that.

Anyway this  latest finding has challenged the extinction date given by the scientist towards the dinosaurs era. To find out, chemical investigations was done  on the bones of the dinosaurs and the results did prove that dinosaurs survive the asteriod effect and was alive. Few now  believed that many of the dinosaurs were survived  half a millions  years after the impact  in the new mexico and Colorado.

The fossil remains of 34 hadrosaur bones of a dinosaur was found in a same  location and it is doubtless to be of the same animal.Some scientist say its possible  that the fossil of the dinosaurs that seems to be latest  was actually dig out by the river to the upper land. But if this is the case, we know that river cannot  take and  put the parts in exact locations ,how  will the scientist explains the bones that is found in same location.

“The river if truly involved in dig out might have scattered the bones to different location.”

And lately they believe that some 30 percent of the dinosaurs  might have escaped the asteriod impact and had live for some half a million year.But  this proves its unsure that all of the dinosaurs have been eliminated.

What if  few of the dinosaurs still survived  on this planet and is living far away from the human world. What if they are still present in the Amazan forest. No one know thats.  Scientist are facing tough time now with this discovery.

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