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The Beginning of World’s End !?!


Circulations and hotspots are on to find out when the earth will lose its form and destroy itself. Here we  discuss a content that will probably come close to possibilities that will explain the Earth’s end.
Earth,is a mysterious planet that alone supports life in it. Though search is on to find out the extra terrestrial activity in space, the results so far has been negative. Earth was formed  around 4.7 billion years ago. At the start our Earth was like a fire ball. It took around 3 billion years for it to settle down. During this period, the Earth moulded the Methane , Carbon, and many more gas into it. Thereby helping the dusty atmosphere to clear up and help the formation of first cell towards the developed of Life.

The main buzz to be noted while Earth formation is the presence of deadly gas named Methane,which is still present underneath the Earth’s Surface.

Methane gas is 10000 times deadly then Carbon gas.

This Methane & Carbon gas was beneath the Earth resting in peace. Not more than a century ago, Industrial Revolution evolved helping the deadly gas escape from the Earth. Wonder how, its simple, the continuous digging of Earth for fossil fuels namely Petrol,Diesel,Oil,gas etc has helped it providing escape route.

What will happen if Methane Escapes from Earth’s Crust?

It will kill the whole of  life in  the planet within days. If given a choice to live with carbon or methane, i will voluntary accept Carbon.

To learn about the Carbon gas, it is also present in large quantity in the surface. Thanks to Trees they have been maintained by correct proportion. Trees use carbon dioxide from air to survive. The Human Species for their own benefits cut trees in large quantities. Now, the carbon is like a free vehicle roaming  in air.

With the triple time emissions from Industries,the carbon gas doesn’t allow Heat to Escape Earth and this paves way for the factor called GLOBAL WARMING. The Earth currently has recorded rise in temperature levels of about 2 degrees. And is estimated to rise for 4 degrees high within 4 years

Results of Global Warming:

  • It is estimated that, the ice present at Antarctica has lost its thickness by 40%. paving the way for the drastic rise in  Ocean level that promises to crash the shores.
  • The next to follow is the Glaciers and rivers dry up promising for the elimination of water supply.
  • Third to be noted is loss of rainfall throughout the planet.

Scientist has given the Global Warming disaster deadline for the year 2020.Few Suggest  it will occur by 2015 itself.. It means, the world will be a hell to live in that year. The Funnier part is, Our world leaders have approved a deal of reducing 13% carbon emission by 2020 and 80% reducing by 2050.

Dude till then the World itself will end with global warming fallout. And here your discussing to stop it by  2050.

“Our World doesn’t need a religious prophecy to come true to see its end, it  will end itself if we continue the daily process of Carbon Emission.” personal thought

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