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US study shows people dont trust the Scientist

A recent study concluded at california strengthens the disbelief people have towards scientist and their researches.

This is not new though, the  Public Vs Scientist cold war has a long history attached to it. The reason why there is no mutual understanding is that the Scientist are not open to public in various ways.

Coming back to the research it can be assumed that, People easily believe bad news than good news. Isnt that interesting!

The study is based on a public opinion survey of 1,475 Californians to assess whether people trust safety studies on offshore oil drilling. The study was taken much before the Oil leak in the Gulf.

The analysis from professors at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that people tended to disregard much of what the safety studies found. The limited amount they did believe tended to be the parts that showed dangers were worse than they had feared.

The study suggests one reason why conspiracy theories spread so easily on the Internet: they’re often based on scary scenarios, such as the mind-control chemicals that governments are allegedly spraying from commercial airliners.

Adding to the above research, there is one more incident that the readers have to notice.

Last winter, Ottawa’s public health leaders met an unexpected hurdle: many people refused to trust the H1N1 vaccine’s safety despite reassurances from the medical establishment.

“People were dubious. There was a healthy dose of people who were concerned about the vaccination and didn’t have confidence in it,” said City of Ottawa Coun. Diane Deans, who chairs Ottawa’s protective services committee.

That distrust kept many people away from vaccination clinics. “We had one of the highest rates of vaccination in the entire province but we certainly didn’t vaccinate anywhere near everybody. We got 50 per cent, if I recall,” Deans said.

Scientists have worried for years about surveys that show the public doesn’t always trust them. The public tends to be suspicious about the motives of science, thinking that industrial research leads to pollution, and government research may have hidden political motives.

In the end we can conclude with the fact that, Scientist are not as successful as Government leaders to influence the public.

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  • Tommy

    Thats because dumb people don’t understand science. So when dumb people don’t understand something they naturally fear it and accuse it of being ‘satan’.

    There is a reason why scientist don’t reveal everything, its because people won’t understand what they say anyway and they don’t have time to re-phrase it so common man can understand it. For a common man to understand what a scientist says requires him to go through years of study to finally understand the research of a scientist. He’ll rather just call the scientist a ‘nerd’ or ‘satan’ and walk-away. Simple solution isn’t ?

  • Jayla Hurtt

    I am so grateful for your article.Much thanks again. Cool.