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Walk to recharge your cellphone battery in future

Future says ” if you want to recharge your cell phone battery walk for a min and get 10 minute of battery power”. This sounds cool right. It will be a great discovery in science world. The praise for the device discovery goes to Canadian researchers. And do you know how will the device  generate power, it will get the power from the Knee of the people wearing it.Each step you take out power is generated.

“It would surprise a lot of people to know that there is a lot of power available from the knee joint during walking. We’re taking advantage of energy that’s already being produced and wasted,” the Christian Science Monitor quoted Max Donelan, a professor of biomedical physiology and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, as saying.

To explain this power saving process, the researchers says that its  like using the wasted energy back  for conservative purpose. Well a good sound example is use of  energy that is generated by braking system (Kinetic energy) which used otherwise be wasted as heat.

Its need a simple walking activity to charge the cell. Although to charge a cell battery will take less electric power but still it is a power used or wasted. By using human energy the other source of energy can be preserved. But the researches admits  that “Human energy can no way stand to other nature energy that is used”

“Walking is a lot like stop-and-go driving,” said Dr. Donelan. While testing the device during a study, his team found that the subjects on a treadmill didn’t notice using any extra exertion when it was turned on.The researchers, however, were surprised to find that when the mechanism was turned off, the subjects did notice and in fact missed the assistance.

“For three or four strides they swung their legs a little faster (than normal),” Dr. Donelan said.Now comes the cost part, sadly Donelan was not  interested to price the device for now and it is to be priced in future

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