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Wii Mini Released Only in Canada?

Nintendo Wii MiniNintendo today released Wii Mini, the mini version of Wii itself just in time for holiday shopping.

But they have released it only in Canada. Nintendo Wii Mini  will be available only in Canada, for now.

The Wii Mini was first seen on the the Canadian website of BestBuy, according to which the sale will start on December 7 and it will be available $99.99.

Nintendo on it’s website has announced that it has been launched exclusively in Canada for the holiday season and they do not have any information if it will be available in other countries.

Nintendo’s new Wii Mini doesn’t have Internet capabilities, and the company describes it as a “family-friendly” gaming-only device, which means the device can’t be used for Internet services like accessing Netflix.

The new console is smaller than the original Wii system and comes in black with a red border. It’s compatible with over 1,400 disc-based Wii games, but because there is no Internet connection on the device, it’s likely that users will not be able to access downloadable Wii classic games.

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