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Windows 7 Review!

Windows 7 Review!

Windows 7 Review!

I am back! after a long break ;). I was messing around with Windows 7 and finally decided to give it a shot. And so that what brings me here, a review! Before we go into the review. Let me let you guys know the configuration or System specification of the machine in which I tested Windows 7. Here they are:

MotherBoard : Intel 915 GAV

Processor :  Pentium IV 3.2Ghz

Ram : 512MB

Hard Disk : 250GB Segate

And a 16″ Viewsonic LCD monitor

Yes, this system surely does not meet the minimum requirements of Windows 7, so what ? I decided to give it a shot anyway. With all the positive feedback I saw on the internet I wanted to blame Windows 7 for not working in my system :).

I started the installation process waiting for a warning, but non came. It took over 45mins to install. Thats kinda quick, it looks like W7 takes around 30 mins to install in a system that meets its requirements.

After the installation was done, I got the desktop, The resolution was crappy. I wanted to open and test Internet Explorer to see how much this can handle. But it looks like my network was not connected. I couldn’t believe that Windows7 by default didn’t have my LAN Drivers. Anyway, after about more that one hour of searching online for drivers I finally decided to check if I have its CD. I got it! After installing still my LAN card was not working. Then finally did a manual install from Device Manager to connect to the internet. Everything seems so far so good.

I got my MotherBoard Disk to install the drivers it didn’t autoplay due to some illegal operation. Tried running them manually and installed the graphics drivers and the sound drivers after restart I noticed that the sound software was not working in w7 so after ditching it tested if the audio was ok and it was!

I still had a crappy resolution, I downloaded the monitor drivers and installed them to fix that issue. Now all seems well, I opened more than 10 tabs in IE and didn’t have a snag. I decided its time to install all the Messengers and programs. I installed Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, VLC Player, firefox 3.6 and Chrome. So far so good no problems yet.

I decided its time for the anti-virus program. I installed BitDefender 2010 Total Security with all the services enabled. Now I started to notice a small snag at the start-up but was normal after that.

I was really surprised that Windows 7 was doing so well in such a crappy system. I check the memory usage it was using around 68% with majority begin used by antivirus program BitDefender.

Its been 2 days so far and I have started using the system normally as I would browse it seems so smooth.

You guys really need to give it a try. Its very smooth and a lots of features that makes life easy. It boots in less than 30 seconds!

It looks like Microsoft finally joined the race in making a better OS. HATS OFF! to Microsoft for WINDOWS 7!

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