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WoW patch 3.2

The latest Wow patch 3.2 patch notes contain some interesting changes. While these are not yet final, finally, the 3.2 patch currently on the test servers at the heart and kidneys tested, but experience has taken over much or only slightly adjusted.

Particularly interested in me of course, the changes in the raids, especially since this the whole game for the raider among us could change. So it is with patch 3.2.0 e.g. not just 10 and 25 raids, but one for both light and heavy duty version – with different ID’s! The 10s version is hot test of the Crusader, the examination of the 25 Supreme Crusader.

To have more time to give (after all, it is almost twice as many bosses to kill) the ID can also be extended the known 5% Wipes to a new boss on Tuesday evening are probably history.


Zeppelin Patch 3.2

Patch 3.2: New Raidinstanz with 4 Raid ID’s!

The new Raidinstanz Kreuzzugkolloseum we do not like so far from a 10er and a 25 version exist.
Blizzard introduces a test for both versions, both as a light heavy mode. Thus, the
Kreuzzugkolloseum in softmodem 10er, 10er hard mode, 25 and 25 softmodem hard mode to be playable.

Patch 3.2: On request extended raid ID’s!

First, it is with the 3.2.0 patch in Kreuzzugkolloseum possible the raid ID on request to the original term to verlüngern.

Thus, for example Ulduar rather than a week after reset, but another week is playable. This also works in 5 instances, which is 2 days and are playable Zul’Gurub instead of 3 so 6 days. This feature can apparently be used repeatedly. Whether you are an ID thus infinitely long could play here or there a limit there is not yet known.

This benefits both the successful guilds, they can be more difficult to really practice bosses, without the light every week to pick them. On the other hand, of course, the weaker guilds. These have the chance to patch 3.2 the “rear” bosses to experience, at the time otherwise you may never reach.

Patch 3.2: Flying on Dalaran and Wintergrasp

If you are far enough from the ground will keep you on Dalaran and Wintergrasp can fly without to be sold – Patch 3.2 makes it possible.

Patch 3.2: Zeppelin between Ogrimmar and Donnerfels

Faster routes between the cities and never hurt so Blizzard will patch 3.2.0 with a further introduce Zepplin. The new route connects Ogrimmar and Donnerfels together.

The provisional

WoW Patch 3.2 Patch Notes

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.2.0

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