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Alberto Del Rio wins WWE Royal Rumble 2011!!!

WTF! Couldnt believe my eyes! Alberto Del Rio has won the WWE Royal Rumble 2011, that gives him a straight championship match at wrestlemania 27.

Alberto Del Rio will be given the opportunity to select the champion of his choice. He could either face WWE champion from Raw or he could face WWE World  Champion from Smack Down.

The Royal Rumble 2011 involved the historic battle between 40 superstars. In previous Royal Rumble matches only 30 superstars were allowed to compete. But this 2011, the rules were altered and the fans were given the treat of good competition.

However, load of fans are disappointed on not seeing Triple H on the match or the dead man “Undertaker”. Well, as previously reported, they are working behind the screens for the WWE management.

Who entered the match in which Position?

Here’s the list of the superstars entering the match as per the order.

1. CM Punk

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Justin Gabriel

4. Zack Ryder

5. William Regal

6. Ted Dibiase

7. John Morrison

8. Yoshi Tatsu

9. Husky Harris

10. Chavo Guerrero

11. Mark Henry

12. JTG

13. Michael McGillicutty

14. Chris Masters

15. David Otunga

16. Tyler Reks

17. Vladimir Kozlov

18. R-Truth

19. The Great Khali

20. Mason Ryan

21. Booker T

22. John Cena

23. Hornswoggle

24. Tyson Kid

25. Heath Slater

26. Kofi Kingston

27. Jack Swagger

28. Sheamus

29. Rey Mysterio

30. Wade Barrett

31. Dolph Ziggler

32. Diesel

33. Drew Mcintyre

34. Alex Riley

35. Big Show

36. Ezekiel Jackson

37. Santino Marella

38.  Alberto Del Rio

39. Randy Orton

40. Kane

For more on which superstar eliminated the other superstars  Visit Here.

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