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Bret The Hitman Hart returns to Raw

Amazing, yes it is to see Bret Hart back to Monday Night Raw. If you missed the Raw episode  of July 19th, then you missed the fun. It was worth to watch!

Bret Hart  Entrance  plot:

Nexus demands John cena to join them stating “The Nexus is the present and future of Raw”. If Cena joins them he will be counted in history or else The nexus will simply make sure the remaining life of Cena  is in Hell.

Cena bows down for a second and then says “No”. The Nexus asks him to leave or they will kick his a** down.

At the very moment, Cena takes the mic and calls out his team.  The Great Khali, John Morrison, R Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge responds to Cena’s call but wait there is one more guy and He is   Bret The Hitman Hart.

The crowd gives huge cheers at the site of Bret.

It is now confirmed that at Summer Slam pay per view this august, The Nexus which has 7 members will face off against the team of  John Cena.

And it is expected for Triple H to return back at Summer Slam 2010

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