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David Beckham in Another Cheating Scandal ?

Just one week after a former hooker alleged she had several trysts with David Beckham, the soccer star is again at the center of affair rumors.

David Beckham's fame making him an easy target

David Beckham's fame making him an easy target

The difference this time, however, is the woman in question is denying the accusation.

Shery Shabani, a reported friend of Beckham and wife Victoria, is divorcing her husband who has accused her of cheating with the Brit, according to court documents obtained by

The documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court last month reportedly detail Kambiz Joseph Shabani’s belief that his wife and Becks had an affair.

Shery is quoted in the docs as saying, “He (Joseph) has accused me of having extra-marital affairs, most often with David Beckham (which is untrue).”

She even accuses her husband, whom she now has a restraining order against, of telling their children about the supposed affair and shouting to her in front of them, “I know why you’re upset, it’s your birthday and you didn’t get a text message from David Beckham!”

The records further allege Joseph tried to hit Beckham’s car in May, outside of their children’s school, and the athlete’s “car had almost crashed as a result.”

Shery continues to deny the affair allegations, telling Radar that her husband’s claims are “absolutely not true.”

“David Beckham is a nice guy, there is no relationship, nothing,” she said. “This has nothing to do with David, this is my husband’s craziness.”

For his part, Beckham’s rep told E! News, “As with another recent story, this is another tale full of fantasy.”

He added his client is “focused on the important game against Chivas this Sunday.”

Last week Beckham sued In Touch Weekly after the magazine alleged in a cover story that he slept with former “high class call girl” Irma Nici on multiple occasions.

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