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Erica Blasberg death has been ruled as Suicide

The Clark County coroner’s office ruled Tuesday that 25-year-old professional golfer Erica Blasberg’s death was a suicide.

Blasberg died May 9 at her home in Henderson, about 15 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. She was found with a plastic bag secured over her head.

Henderson police said that while no foul play is suspected they have issued a misdemeanor arrest warrant for Dr. Thomas Hess on obstruction charges. Police said Hess, who discovered Blasberg’s body, removed items from the scene, including a suicide note.

The contents of the note haven’t been disclosed.

The coroner’s office said Blasberg died of suicide due to asphyxia, coupled with the presence of toxic levels of prescription medication in her system, including prescription headache, cough, pain and anti-anxiety medications.

The drugs in Blasberg’s system included butalbital, temazepam, alprazolam, codeine, hydrocodone, and tramadol, according to the coroner, but Nevada law doesn’t permit the release of details on the amounts of medication.

“While asphyxia was the primary cause of death, the presence of prescription drugs in Ms. Blasberg’s system was a significant factor,” Coroner Michael Murphy said.

Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said authorities would contact Hess’ lawyer and likely allow the doctor to turn himself in because the charge is a nonviolent misdemeanor. But the spokesman refused to say if additional charges were possible.

Police have said a 911 call from Hess summoning police came from the house, and that Blasberg was alone when officers arrived. Blasberg’s agent said her bags were packed for a tournament in Mobile, Ala., when she was found.

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  • Steve

    In my best Richard Dreyfuss voice “this was no boating accident” its as much a Suicide as it is a Shark attack! The doctor takes the suicide note? come on are the only cops in Vegas on CSI? Even they would figure out this was no suicide. Nothing adds up…at best an accidental death…but no way this is a suicide…If I were the family I’d higher a private detective this doctor did something, loaded her up with drugs tried kinky sex killed her and panicked….this girl deserves better and will never rest in peace until her reputation is cleared.