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Extreme Rules 2014 – The Evolution vs The Shield Who will win?

Extreme Rules 2014 – The Evolution vs The Shield Who will win?

With Extreme Rules live this Sunday, one could sense excitement on the air from the event which is sure to be an entertainment. Although the Extreme Rules has much in store with the lights of Daniel Bryan Vs the Kane, John Cena Vs the Bray Wyatt family match, the conflict which catches the the crowd’s attraction is the one between The Evolution and The Shield.

The Evolution, a team perhaps termed as one of the baddest and toughest of factions the WWE has to offer, goes one on one with the “The Shield” this Sunday on the mere show of strength between the two factions.

One could wonder whether it is a good story line from WWE prospective to clash the Shield with the lights of  Randy Orton, Batista and the  Triple H who are the toughest of guys in the business, i would say this is the ideal time for the confrontation between the two factions.

WWE did their Homework

Evolution will easily be termed as the favorites to win the conflict this Sunday due to its members and their accomplishment.

But do remember, WWE did their homework when it comes to building story line revolving the Shield. WWE made sure the Shield became a toughest opponent to the Evolution by creating storylines and conflicts in favor of the Shield.  How many matches did we witness in which the shield would show up and destroy the wrestlers in the ring?

WWE went a step ahead and invited Ric Flair to come up and support the Shield in front of his ex-team mates The Evolution in which Ric Flair was a founding member himself  which is what makes the match between The Shield and The Evolution an exciting one.

If predictions are to be made, i see The Shield getting beaten up badly by the Evolution which will surely push the Storyline for at least next Wrestlemania.

I leave you with the video in which the Evolution destroyed the shield.

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