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Frustrated Australian Skipper Ricky Pointing Smashes the dressing room door

Ricky pontingRicky Pointing loses temper  for getting out!!!  Hard to believe? Or Is it a common act when a cricketer got himself out in a crucial match.

I think its just a common act done by Ricky pointing who failed to win the third test of the ongoing ashes tournament therby ending the  third test match in a draw.

Now, comon skipper you couldnt possibly fight with Nature. Every cricket fan are aware of the fact about the rain which almost took 2 days of the play.

A UK’s Newspaper reports that,after being out by Graeme Swann’s ball , Ricky Pointing smashed the door in dressing room out of rage and anger. The ball bowled by Graeme Swann is now among the strongest contender for the Ball of the century award.

Host club Warwickshire made light of incident and its cricket operations manager Keith Cook said, “We have to make all sorts of running repairs all over the ground.

“I’ve not had any complaints, but if a batsman has lost his temper when he’s out it wouldn’t be the first time,” he added. Australia is 0-1 down in the five-match series after losing the second Test at Lord’s.

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