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How is Muhammad Ali now!

To begin with, Rumors are false and he, Muhammad Ali,  is recovering at home after a short hospital stay in Arizona.

There were rumors all around the web debating on the legendary Boxing champs health after news articles reported that he had collapsed at his home and was rushed to the hospital.

A spokeswoman at the Muhammad Ali Center in the Champ’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, confirmed that “early reports were blown out of proportion.”

“While Muhammad Ali was treated for dehydration on November 19, he is currently at home, well, happy and carrying on with his daily routine,” Jeanie Kahnke said in a statement.

On Friday, the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper quoted Ali’s longtime friend and radio personality John Ramsey as saying that the Champ was “home and well, for a person who has had Parkinson’s since the 1980s. He may not be going in the direction you or I like, but no one is on alert. That’s the truth.”

Still, Internet forums and social networking sites had plenty of well wishes for Ali, who will be 70 in January.

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