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They Fixed the Match, says London Court

Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif  did fix the No-balls in the test match played between England and Pakistan in England at 2010, concludes the London Court’s special Jury involving 12 jurors who reached the decision unanimously.

Salman Butt, who was the captain of the Pakistan team at the test match is guilty of both counts of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments as part of a betting scam whereas his team mate Mohammed Asif, is convicted on lesser charge of conspiracy to cheat that could earn his a date in the prison for 2 years.

As per unconfirmed reports, Salman Butt may face imprisonment upto 7 years and Asif to face the bars for 2 years.

The readers should note that, Mohammed Aamer who was also found cheating and deliberately delivering a NO-Ball in  the England Vs Pakistan test match, was not convicted by the London Court, as the juries were not able to reach a unanimous decision on him.

However, a statement is expected on him when the Jury delivers the verdict later this week.

Pakistan Cricket players Salman Butt, Mohammed Asif, Mohammed Aamer were already investigated by ICC anti corruption team and were handed over a ban from playing cricket.

Reactions from Pakistan

“I am sad about what has happened because it involves sportsmen but at the same time I think justice has been done because if you do something wrong you pay the price,” former captain Zaheer Abbas said.

“I just feel sad for Pakistan cricket as well because cricketers are not supposed to be associated with crime and corruption. But I think in a way it is good for Pakistan and world cricket because it should serve as a deterrent to others,” he added.

Former captain Aamir Sohail said the Pakistan Cricket Board was to be blamed for what had happened.

“I think the PCB should have played a more pro-active role last year when the issue came up and brought the players back to Pakistan immediately and tried them under our code of conduct. They should not have let the matter go into the hands of the ICC,” Sohail said.

“It is shameful that today Pakistan cricket is facing such a day but this is what happens when you don’t react quickly enough to fight corruption,” Sohail said.

He said the entire case also raised questions about the role of the ICC’s anti-corruption unit pointing out they had failed to do anything of note all these years.

“What are they doing when people like Mazhar Majeed can still infiltrate teams and corrupt players where is their system?” he asked.

Sohail said he would also like the board to find out who was the Pakistani player who had tipped off the ‘News of the World’ about Butt and Majeed.

“I am surprised no one has tried to find this out yet.”

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