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Undertaker Vs The Sting: The Dream match in making!

Undertaker Vs The Sting: The Dream match in making!

The Undertaker Vs The Sting, has been a calling for a long time. The Icons and Legends of their own, have dominated the wrestling business consistently for decades since they step foot in the business.

Mark William Calaway, who took the role of  the Phenom “The Undertaker” never looked back in his career and has reached heights as the Man of the WWE, whereas Steve Border, who wrestled under the name “The Sting” has been the Legendary star for the WCW and TNA wrestling.

For years, the signing of the Sting with the WWE was inching to a step closer then it was ever before and now the dream entry of the Sting into the WWE universe is turning into a reality.

As per latest reports, both the Sting and WWE camps are in huge discussions about the deal and the Sting is very close to sealing the deal.

How would Sting enter WWE? Whom will he face? Will it be the Undertaker Vs the Sting?

Right before Wrestlemania 30, fans were confident that Undertaker and Sting will lock against each other on Wrestlemania 31, which will see the end of the career for undertaker.

However, Vince McMahon intervened between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and asked taker to lose the streak at Wrestlemania 30 which made fans wonder what will become of the match between the Sting and Undertaker.

Undertaker Vs Sting: Still a Reality

We believe, the epic confrontation of the undertaker and Sting can still be a reality with the following Storyline.

Undertaker’s music hits around Feb 2015, and he enters the ring with a mortal look nothing like the deadman sort but a more human like taker. Undertaker takes the mic and thanks all the fans for the first time in his career showing how he truly valued fans (this will make fan forget about taker vs lesnar match).

Undertaker then recalls how he has established his career with the WWE and thanks all his peers and tells he would no longer be competing ever again.

All of the sudden, everything goes dark, a very undertaker like smoke fills the ring and from the midst comes out the Sting.The-Sting

The Sting enters the ring and sees the undertaker in the eyes. Both the icon look at each other and then Sting speaks out, “Your not done until you face the Sting”. The Sting then tells taker how he valued Undertakers legacy and how he admired Undertakers will.

Undertaker who is currently playing the role of mortal shows signs of emotion within him. Sting calls out Taker to face him One Last time and regain his Wrestlemania honor which Lesnar took away from him.

Fans chant – One more match, Commentators chant One more match. A music hits out – No Chance and there he comes Vince McMahon.

Vince takes the stage and tells everyone this is not possible as Undertaker is not in a state to compete and Vince literally speaks ill of taker.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania

Undertaker at Wrestlemania

The peak of the moment occurs and booms hits Kane’s music, Undertaker’s Urn is brought by Kane to the ring.Atmosphere gets tense, everybody chanting Taker. The lights go out, becomes dark with chaos and then we hear it- The sound of the Bell – The Return of the Undertaker.

Vince makes his way out and Undertaker looks at the Sting and says Rest In Peace.

The Storyline builds up for two months and then the final Wrestlemania 31 confrontation between Undertaker and The Sting.

Undertaker comes to the stage with Kane by his side and wins the Wrestlemania match and bows out in glory whereas Sting gets the Hall of Fame rank in the WWE and becomes a WWE Legend.

Wrestlemania 31 final pictures, the Undertaker and the Sting hugging and bowing out of the ring for the final time.

What do your think folks? Wont it be a Epic to witness Undertaker Vs the Sting match? Share with us your views.

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