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Wayne Rooney Avails Service from Prositute

Looks like English Footballer Wayne Rooney is in for some big problems. Many news reports are coming in right now suggesting that Wayne Rooney paid prostitute Jenny Thompson ‘ugly tax’ in order to bed her seven times in four months.

Wayne Rooney in Sex Scandal

Wayne Rooney, Cheating Husband ?

According to a source the Manchester United ace, who had an affair with Thompson while his wife Coleen was pregnant, paid the 21-year old £1,200 a night.

Now, a friend of the prostitute has revealed that Jenny often gave her services for free to footballers she fancied, suggesting that Wayne may have paid ‘ugly tax’ in order to have sex with her.

The pal told the Daily Star: “If she thought they were hot, she’d happily do it for nothing, but she didn’t turn away footballers she wasn’t so knocked out by.” “Instead, she’d just charge them, either in cash or gifts. I guess it was like an ugly tax. She thought it was hilarious and loved telling us all what she’d got up to and for how much.”

The insider added: “We were surprised Wayne paid so much. I know a lot of people call him Shrek but he’s actually not that ugly when you’re sat in front of him.”

Thompson, who has reportedly slept with 13 other unnamed footballers also claimed that she ‘never imagined’ that Rooney would be one of her clients.

It has also emerged that the England footballer also enjoyed a threesome with Jenny and single mum, hooker Helen Wood.

The Sun reports that Wood teamed up with Thompson to give Rooney ‘a wild night of sex.’ Helen is said to have told friends about her antics with the England player, stating: “He’s athlete on the pitch – and he gave us a workout we won’t forget.”

It has also emerged that Rooney tried to bed an air hostess during his stag-do ahead of his marriage to Coleen during a night out at Eden Club in Ibiza.

According to The Mirror, Rebecca Hayes is said to have turned down a ‘lecherous and flirty’ Wayne and claims the footballer did not react well to being knocked back as ‘he always gets what he wants.’

The new reports are set to upset Coleen further after it was reported yesterday that Wayne will not fight for his marriage if she choses to divorce him.

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