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When will Triple H return?

Triple H is set to return this  Night of Champions according to our sources.

We first broke out the story about Triple H injured drama so that he can act in movies.


UPDATE (feb 21,2011):

Triple H has returned to Monday Night Raw Click here to know how it happened


He did worked in the movie but was also a bit injured. The most expected return of Triple H didnt happen this summerslam and here’s why WWE wants Triple H to return at Night of Champions for two well scripted reason

“WWE wants to renew the feud between Triple H and Sheamus by denying Sheamus his Championship belt at Night of Champions.”

Other script which WWE focusing is that, they want Triple H to return before the bragging rights and be the leader of the Team Raw.

One way or the other his return this Night of Champions is for sure.


Triple H supposed return may not take place. For more Read Here

UPDATE On October 17:

Triple H is all set to return on Oct 30 for Only One Night event. Read more

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  • i am the game

    u little liar! i am the game and im not returing at NOC im returning at HELL IN A CELL!

  • Justin edelheit

    Well, i am the game u said that triple h will return at Hell in a cell. the paper view already took place and there was no triple h. i think he will return at the next up coming paper view Bragging rights.

  • harsh

    i m sure triphle h is gonna be d 30 man in d royal rumble

  • Cat

    Firstly Triple H is coming back on Oct 30th 2010. So make sure to tell all your friends. He is coming back for like perhaps one match or maybe to be a general manager. But he is not going to be a wrestler anymore. Sorry guys I know it sucks believe me I am pissed about it too. The days of DX is gone. The days of Cena and HHH or evolution is gone. We are left with the Evil Nexus. But better yet stop making assumptions and go on to Instead of standing up for wwe which they got on that website it should be stand up for Triple H coming back! What is his story line. Presumably what is going around the web with some pretty well known sport sites, is that he will come back to help Cena out with nexus. But to be honest I think that is a long term story which would be pointless to start.

    Peace everyone!


  • Carlos D

    Actually guys there is speculation that Triple H will return at royal rumble i am close friends with Randy Orton and thats what they are telling me!

  • andrew B

    you all fail, he will return after the holidays, possibly the first ppv of the new year, 2011. thats my guess

  • huh

    I think Triple H will only return when ppl start wanting him back right now there more focused on JOHN CENA and nexus

  • JoJo

    Well, I want the Game back. I’m sick of John Cena and NEXUS!

  • Littleman

    Hey i say that Triple H will come back cause he is the game and he mite be in the roumble or AT WRESTILMANIA cause THE WWE NEADS TRIPLE H. But cause of what happened to his dad and Shawn michaels dont think he will .But i hope he comes back.

  • WWE Fan

    What does it matter when he returns? We all know he will some day and it’s going to be great. The anticipation is building.

  • cjamajay87

    im tired of waiting for triple H he just needs to come back already becous the wwe just keeps doing the same old things ove and over agian it might not be the same people doing it but its the same script like nexus add new people new leader and put cena back in the mix time for another 6 months of this

  • http://wikkipedia cenafan76

    triple h will be returning at the royal rumble january 30, 2011 and its going to be awsome