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El Hijo Del Perro Dies During Match Against Rey Mysterio
El Hijo Del Perro dies in match against WWE Legend Rey Mysterio

El Hijo Del Perro Dies During Match Against Rey Mysterio

In a tragic turn of events Mexican Wrestler El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo died during a match against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio may be charged with possible manslaughter.

Perro Aguayo Jr., 35, is the son of the Mexican wrestling legend Perro Aguayo. During a match against Rey Mysterio he reportedly went limp while on the ropes in position to take Mysterio’s 619 finishing move.

Nothing is exactly clear as to what happened and what went wrong. The medical personal on the venue treated him before transporting him to a hospital where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

The wrestling fraternity is quite stunned about this incident involving high profile wrestlers.

This was the Rey Mysterio’s first match in Mexico’s Asistencia Asesoría y Administración LLC, or AAA, since 1997.

The state prosecutor’s office has said that it has opened a case to investigate this event and treating it as possible manslaughter.

Video from the match shows Aguayo going limp and hanging on the ropes while other wrestlers continued the performance. It was not discovered Aguayo was stricken for several minutes, despite a ringside observer’s attempts to revive him and draw attention to his plight.

Ernesto Franco, identified as a wrestling commission doctor, was quoted by as saying: “I was with [Aguayo] for about an hour trying to revive him.” Injury to his cervical spine region made resuscitation difficult. An MRI examination was done to help determine the cause of death.

In its report on the incident, The Associate Press said Aguayo fell unconscious on the ropes, apparently after receiving a flying kick from Mysterio.

Meanwhile, twitter was pouring with condolences for our lost wrestler…

No word yet from The Crash, the company which reportedly organized the event or from the Rey Mysterio.

A fan has uploaded the entire match online, you can view it below, but we would suggest you avoid it. It is quite gruesome.

What do you think of this whole event? Manslaughter?

PS: Let us know if the video is removed we will add new sources as needed.

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