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Who is the new anonymous general manager of wwe raw?

Who is  the new anonymous general manager of wwe raw?– This is a very good question.

Though we have not known who is this anonymous guy,we can go forward with some closer hunch on this topic.

Who is that guy for which WWE episodes are paving way such an heroic entry?

The NXT rookies, now called as The Nexus has attacked each and every person of WWE . Not only John Cena, the list includes Vince McMahon, the hall of famers  Ricky ” The dragon Steamboat”,  Jerry the King Lawyer, the ring announcer, camera man, and the list goes on.

Why is WWE management quiet?

You know it dude, WWE  wants to spotlight a person to look like hero. The question is who is him?

I have a serious hunch it must be The Rock.

I don’t think it might be Triple H, because for one factor it has been rumored all along internet that Triple will lead the group against the Nexus once he returned back to WWE.

When will triple H return?

He will return once his movie shoot is over.

I have to say this, i think John Cena is  eager to be the leader of the group against the nexus. He seems so desperate for the position that he even made truce with Sheamus and openly asked help to attack the nexus.

I don’t think John Cena will be made the leader because for a fact it will be Triple H or DX or Chris Jericho.

I mentioned Chris Jericho because there is a link with him. Its been reported that WWE management is very unhappy with Chris Jericho for his offer with ABC show. They think  Chris Jericho may leave WWE and concentrate more on that show. In order to stick Jericho towards WWE,  he may be the lucky spot light guy which he so much dreads to become.


Stone Cold Steve Austin is the new GM. I say it with certain incident. Click here to know my reasons

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