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WWE Bragging Rights on Oct 25 2009

WWE  Bragging Rights  a new pay per view incident  introduced  recently on wwe  is to be held  this Oct 25.

Whats new on this pay per view?

Well, as always, Mr McMahon  has delivered a brand new concept  involving a clash between Raw  VS Smack Down ….cool isnt it.  The  match is between 7 Raw Superstars and  7  Smack down Superstars.

This week on Raw , the following qualifying matches occurred to  earn rights  in Raw team

Details of  Bragging Rights  Raw Team :

  • DX  has already qualified for the team , and they will be captaining raw team. This makes 2 members in Raw team that is  Shawn Michaels and Triple H
  • The  third member of the team is non other than Big Show who earned his rights for the team by competing with  Chris Jerico
  • The Fourth member of the team is  Cody Rhodes
  • This was the best match. As  legacy battled with John Cena  in a triple threat match where  Cody Rhodes Pinned Ted dibiase to earn his right for the raw  team
  • The Fifth member of the team is  Jack Swagger
  • The sixth member is   Kofi  Kingston
  • The update on Seventh member will be done  shortly

WWE Champion ship match :

John Cena will face  Randy orton  in  Iron Man Match for  60 mins. Wow, if  Cena wins he will be  the new  Champion and if he loses  He is Banished from RAW  forever

WWE World Heavy weight Championship match:

The Undertaker will face  C M Punk, Batista and Rey Mysterio in a  fatal four way match.

I think this is very much  injustice done to undertaker.

Undertaker says he will take all their soul  and again will retain the championship.


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