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Australian gets $100,000 after shampoo found clean

Australian man who was wrongly accused of smuggling drugs in bottles of Shampoo by the Australian customs and Border protection department, will be compensated a total of $100,000 Neil Parry of Darwin spent three days in jail last year after he was arrested at Darwin Airport and accused of trafficking liquid ecstasy. His boat and two friends’ houses were searched. ... Read More »

Verizon Workers on Strike!

Over 45,000 unionized Verizon employees are on strike over the new labor contract. Employees from all over the country went on strike on Sunday after negotiations with the telecommunications company over a new labor contract fizzled. The Communications Workers of America said negotiations in Philadelphia and New York stalled Saturday night after Verizon continued to demand more than 100 concessions ... Read More »

Scorpion on Plane Attacks!

A US man has been stung by a scorpion in a commercial plane. To make things worse he was stuck at 30,000 in air unable to do anything. He had to just wait 30 minutes to make sure that he did not have a anaphylactic attack. “In the movies, scorpions kill people,” Ellis, 55, said Thursday. “I was just nervous, ... Read More »

Cash for Caulkers

Ya! Now you get paid as much as $12,000 with Obama’s latest Cash for Caulkers plan. “Cash for Caulkers” proposal will come as a real joy for homeowners who can reimburse 50% of the cost of equipment and installation, up to $12,000, when they install energy-efficient appliances and insulation. Looks like $12,000 is the upper limit, the maximum a homeowner ... Read More »