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How much does the US President get paid?

The President of United States is the most powerful position in the world. So, one might wonder how much does this guy get paid for being the leader of the world? That is exactly what we wondered and started finding information. Surprisingly, they really don’t make much. Their salary can be compared to a dinner paid for by a top ... Read More »

Chuck Norris Warns All Americans – Barack Obama Reelection = 1,000 Years of Darkness!?!

Chuck Norris has made warned all Americans that reelecting President Barack Obama could cause the country to plunge into 1,000 years of darkness. Doesn’t this seems, we don’t know, a bit too much? Chuck Norris has offered a dire warning to America, claiming that U.S. citizens face “1,000 years of darkness” if President Obama is reelected for a second term ... Read More »