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Justin Bieber Shaved His Head! (Photo)

Justin Bieber was at the center of a cruel prank last week when it was widely circulated he had cancer. Beliebers were heartbroken but were more than willing to shave their heads to show their support for their idol. Imagine their shock and horror to learn they were Bald for Bieber for nothing. Justin has never addressed the rumor, but ... Read More »

Robin Gibb Dead At 65

Robin Gibb the legendary musician of the Bee Gees has died on Sunday. He was 62. He has suffering from cancer. Gibb’s family issued a formal statement that reads, “The family of Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery.” “The family have asked ... Read More »

Scott Thompson, Former Yahoo CEO Suffering From Thyroid Cancer?

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson who was kicked out of Yahoo for lying in his resume is reportedly suffering from thyroid cancer. The Wall Street Journal has broken the news that 54-year-old Scott Thompson has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and he reportedly told about this to his colleagues before handing over his resignation. Scott Thompson came under intense scrutinization  ... Read More »

Must SEE Cute Photos of Girls By Dad

When wedding photographer Jason Lee couldn’t take his daughters to see his mom when she was diagnosed with cancer decided to take at least some photos with him. But trust me, these photos will make you smile and laugh every time you see them Jason Lee sure does have a secret talent. These photos are extremely cute and creative and ... Read More »

Grape Seed Extract kills cancer cells

Cancer cells, which kill nearly 12,000 people in the US alone every year and affect more than half a million worldwide, could be eradicated with grape seed extract, reveals a study. The extract creates conditions unfavourable for the cancers’ growth by damaging both their cells’ DNA and stops the pathways that allow repair. “It’s a rather dramatic effect,” said Rajesh ... Read More »

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner out of Hospital

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s health is stable after undergoing a surgery to remove the suspicious thyroid cells that was said to have developed cancer. Whole world watched the news broadcast to know the updates on the President’s health. And when the update were revealed to the world her supporters started celebrating the occasion. President Had No Cancer Post-operative ... Read More »