Tuesday , 7 December 2021
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Coca-Cola to Invest Over $4 billion in China


China is massive market and Coco-Cola is trying to get a big chunk of it. Coco-Cola has announced its plans to invest over $4 billion in China over the year 2015 and 2017. Most of these will go to fund new plants that will help Coco-Cola beat its competition. China’s soft drinks market is worth a staggering $69.12 billion (421 ... Read More »

Coca Cola Cuts 750 Jobs in U.S.

While Pepsi is getting itself a new bottle, Coca-Cola is cutting it’s work force. Coca-Cola is trying to streamline it’s business and as a part of it cut 750 jobs in the US. The world’s biggest beverage maker says the jobs cuts will be across the board and that affected individuals will be notified in coming weeks. The cuts represent ... Read More »

Pepsi Gets New Bottle After 17 Years!

Pepsi has got itself a new bottle for it’s 20-ounce drink. This is the first time in 17-years that Pepsi is taking such a measure as it concentrates on marketing and grabing the market from Coco-Cola. The new bottle that Pepsi unveiled is designed so that it is much easier to hold and it has got itself a much smaller ... Read More »

Drink Coca-Cola To Cure Stomach Blockages?!?

Drinking Coca-Cola is recommended to treat stomach blockages. Coca-Cola and health really don’t go hand-in-hand. Coca-Cola is known to erode/rot your teeth and add a lot of sugar and calories in your body. But guess what? According to a new research, it is now recommended that you drink Coca-Cola to treat stomach blockages. Coca-Cola is a effective and safe first ... Read More »