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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Declared Terrorists!


The military-backed government in Egypt has blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the attacks on a police HQ earlier this week. They have also declared Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The group, whose candidate Mohammed Morsi won the presidential poll last year before being deposed by the military, had already been outlawed. Deputy Prime Minister Hossam Eissa announced the move, ... Read More »

Snow Falls In Cairo For The First Time In 100 Years!


Cairo a city in the hot middle east region has experienced snow fall for the first time in more than 100 years! This has really overjoyed the citizens. Cairo has been transformed into a winter wonderland after a “historic” storm in the Middle East brought a rare treat to Egypt’s capital Friday: a blanket of powdery, white snow. Due to ... Read More »

YouTube Blocked in Egypt Over Anti-Islam Film

YouTube has been blocked in Egypt. This will be carried out by the government as per a Court order. The Court order the ban as YouTube was hosting an anti-Islam film. YouTube has been blocked for 30 days. But, the order can be appealed and based on the current information, well, it might just not be enforced. Judge Hassouna Tawfiq ... Read More »

Cease-Fire Agreement Israel-Gaza, Egypt Announces

Egypt has announced a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas which will be effective from Wednesday evening. Egypt has been mediating with Israel and Hamas to sign a cease-fire agreement to ensure peace prevails. As per the cease-fire agreement, Israel will cease all military activity in Gaza at 9 P.M Local time and Hamas will also cease all operations against ... Read More »

Crashed World War II Plane Found in Desert

A crashed World War II plane that belongs to Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) has been found in the Sahara Desert. It has been found after almost 70 years after it crash landed. Details about who flew the plane and their whereabouts is not clear. Vintage Wings, a Canadian aviation news website was the first to report about it. Jakub ... Read More »