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E-Mails Now Part of DARK SOCIAL!


Gone are days of Yahoo email chains that are forwarded for months. These days if you use an email to share links or any information with your friends, you belong to the DARK SOCIAL. Until a few years back email was THE way to communicate in the internet and we used to share links and information that we find interesting ... Read More »

Facebook To Announce Snapchat Competitor?


Facebook had always had its eyes on Snapchat and when the deal to acquire it went sore, looks like they started to work on their own version of Snapchat. Slingshot, well this is not the official name, but the name internally called by Facebook is almost ready to hit the appstore later this month. Slingshot seems to just be a ... Read More »

Facebook puts People first, introduces tools to secure user privacy!


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took a bold move when he made a critical announcement in F8 developers conference held at San Francisco that would eventually turn around people’s faith in favour of Facebook . Since Facebook’s origin, millions of Facebook users have been critical of how Facebook handled their privacy information when it comes to sharing their private data to the third party apps ... Read More »

iOS FB Messenger Gets Video Sharing!


Facebook has updated the iOS version of its Messnger app. The new Facebook Messenger 5.0 for iOS has a lot of improvements and new features. You can download the new version directly from Apple’s App Store. The highlights of this flashy new version is that they have included video sharing. Facebook has also improved the search functionality and has implemented ... Read More »

Facebook will be ending Email Service after it failed to reach the public


Facebook will soon be ending the email service that through was seamlessly integrated into Facebook remained unused and was just there serving no purpose. The Verge has reported that the will now only as a forwarder and by default forward all emails to the user’s primary email address, user’s can still turn-off this feature. “Most people have not ... Read More »