Thursday , 30 March 2023
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Sara Ziff Married Ole Schell?


Did Sara Ziff marry Ole Schell? We like a lot of people are wondering the same. For all we know Sara Ziff and her boyfriend Ole Schell together have exposed the dark side of the fashion industry.They even worked together to release the documentary “Picture Me”, which is a raw and personal video diary that charts model Sara Ziff’s rise ... Read More »

Vince Young Meltdown after lose to Tennessee Titans

The Vince Young meltdown happened after the Tennessee Titans lost to the Washington Redskins with an overtime loss of 19-16 this past Sunday.  Vince Young, starting Quarterback of the Titans, injured his right thumb (his throwing hand), but his meltdown started before the injury occurred. Young was reacting to the crowd’s booing, and the Titans’ coach, Jeff Fisher, didn’t respond ... Read More »

How to Make a Wheelbarrow?

Step 1 Make the wheel by cutting a 1 inch by 6 inch board into six 12-inch lengths. Glue 2 of the boards’ edges and press them together. Lay them on a flat surface. Brush glue onto the flat surfaces of the glued boards. Repeat this process until you have a sandwich composed of 3 glued pairs of boards, 3 ... Read More »