Monday , 4 December 2023
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Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Today I was doing some really tedious searching in Google. After the hundreds of clicks I wondered wouldn’t it be cool to just use some keyboard shortcuts so that I could navigate more easily and save lots of time? My search reached Google’s Experimental keyboard Shortcuts. Here it is : I was not satisfied with it as it missed ... Read More »

How to clear your cache(useless files) in Browsers like Google Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer 6,Internet Explorer 7, opera and safari

Here are instructions on how to clear your cache in the following browsers: Firefox: Open Firefox and go to Tools > Clear Private Data. Choose which items you wish to clear and click Clear Private Data Now. Google Chrome: In case of Google Chrome, open the browser, next to the address bar, at the end of right hand side, you ... Read More »

CTRL+C Shortcut to get Hacked!

Oh yea, just using Ctrl+C shortcut to copy any sensitve information can put you at risk! With the combined help of Javascript and ASP or any server side programming languages the data from your clipboard can be sent through the web to a hacker. And we all surf with our javascripts enabled as majority of sites require javascript to be ... Read More »