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Clever Google Search Tricks


Google is known for its innovative ideologies and how its way ahead of its customer demands. If you need something, rest assured the search giant has already had a solution for it months, maybe years ago. One can enjoy the best of Google’s search results if they know of the little tricks and ideas that let you enjoy distinct responses ... Read More »

Let it Snow with Google!

Have you tried ‘Let It Snow’ in Google Search engine? If no, then you are missing the fun.  For those who have experienced the magic three word Let it Snow in Google search engine would have surely had an exciting time admiring the snow fall. Snow Fall?  Lol! I will make it simpler. By typing ‘Let It Snow’ in Google ... Read More »

You+ in Google Search Engine

You+ is Google+: Finally, Google has brought its new feature Google+ in your daily search engine life. I am not talking about Sparks. Sparks is a +1 button available next to every search you do via Google search to promote it or give it a plus 1. You+ as the name goes is not Youtube but Google’s own Google+. Confused? ... Read More »


GNOC is currently the hottest of all hot trends at Google Trends. That seems to be one of those things that just makes you scratch their head. Why, all over the world, are computer users bringing up their Google search and typing “GNOC” into their search bars? GNOC is an acronym that has been around for awhile. It’s mainly used ... Read More »

Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Today I was doing some really tedious searching in Google. After the hundreds of clicks I wondered wouldn’t it be cool to just use some keyboard shortcuts so that I could navigate more easily and save lots of time? My search reached Google’s Experimental keyboard Shortcuts. Here it is : http://www.google.com/experimental/ I was not satisfied with it as it missed ... Read More »

Google Says Web Searches Are Partly Blocked in China

SAN FRANCISCO—Google Inc. said that its Web search service in mainland China was partially blocked Wednesday, the deadline for the company to extend its Internet operating license in the country. The company said the blockage appeared to affect only search queries generated by mainland China users of the company’s Google Suggest function, which automatically recommends search queries based on the ... Read More »