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YouTube Blocked in Egypt Over Anti-Islam Film

YouTube has been blocked in Egypt. This will be carried out by the government as per a Court order. The Court order the ban as YouTube was hosting an anti-Islam film. YouTube has been blocked for 30 days. But, the order can be appealed and based on the current information, well, it might just not be enforced. Judge Hassouna Tawfiq ... Read More »

Google working on secret “X Phone”?

Google with the power of Motorola which it recently acquired has started working on a phone codenamed “X-Phone”. Google is designing this phone with an aim to steal the market share of the mobile market off Apple and Samsung. Wall Street Journal has reported this citing that people close to the project of “X-Phone” The Journal quoted the people saying ... Read More »

Google’s 10-inch Nexus Tablet

Google has unveiled a much larger tablet, a 10-inch Nexus tablet, the Google Nexus 10. The tablet market is getting quite crowded and first-time tablet owners are confused with all the choices. Google 10-inch Nexus tablet has been launched after Microsoft launched Surface and Apple launched iPad Mini. Google, the world’s No.1 Internet search engine, has pushed deeper into the ... Read More »

Google’s got Movie Trailers in Search Results!

Yay! another new feature in Google search results. Now you can watch the movie trailers from the search results page itself! Google will now display the movies that are currently running in theaters plus the movie trailer for you to watch and decide. Detailed on Google’s official Google+ account this week, the search company has added links to movie trailers ... Read More »

Google Working on a $100 Tablet PC?

Rumors are rift suggesting that Google and Ausus are working on a $100 tablet. Now, this would be a major break-through. After the successful launch of Nexus 7 which was priced at $199, Google thinks it time to make tablet PC even more affordable, they want to give it for as low as $100. Guess what? This new tablet PC ... Read More »

Facebook is building a search engine to take on Google?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to go hunting the big guys now. He is after Google. Facebook is working on a Search Engine to compete with Google. But be warned Zuckerberg, Microsoft tried it and wansn’t really successful. Aside from denying plans to build a smartphone again, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg also revealed some insight to the social network’s search engine ... Read More »