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Apple Kicks YouTube App from iOS 6!

Looks like the tensions between Apple and Google are turning into actions as Apple decided it is time to kick-out YouTube from iOS 6. Apple will not include a YouTube app in iOS 6, the next operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the company confirmed yesterday. The app has been an integral part of iOS since the 2007 launch ... Read More »

Google Reveals Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has officially unveiled the details and pricing information about its landmark Nexus 7 tablet PC in Google I/O conference in San Fransisco. To start off, the specs of the tablet PC were leaked even before the launch and so were the pricing info. So, basically Google just went on record and confirmed all the rumors. Here’s a quick look ... Read More »

Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC Out?

Google promised to release Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC within 6 months on December 2011. Time is up! Something strange has happened, this tablet PC has just popped out of nowhere in a benchmarking site. The Nexus 7 tablet PC has come up on Rightware’s PowerBoard which is a benchmark tool to help rank tablet PCs. This has given us ... Read More »

Google+ is a Ghost Town!

Google+ is Google’s take on social network and also targeted against Facebook. But we guess people don’t want Google everywhere especially when Google just can’t define privacy. Google loves to collect all are data. Everything we do in the internet using Google is recorded and tracked, but nothing dangerous after all Google has no evil plans they just want to ... Read More »

GPA Calculator Online

GPA Calculator will help you find your Grade Point Average. The GPA Calculator will help you calculate your GPA based on a typical high school system. GPA value is calculated by dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted. Confused ? Don’t worry you can do it online. But you must know ... Read More »