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Maintain Your To-Do List With These Android Apps

Having trouble keeping up with things? Missing a lot work that you were supposed to do? Well if you have an Android Smart Phone, use it to help yourself get smarter. Don’t waste your time and energy rambling through the millions of apps in Google Play.Here are the a list of application (free, ofcourse) that are available for Android that ... Read More »

Gmail Now Has Automatic Message Translation

Getting too many spam mails in languages that you have no idea what it is ? Google Gmail is your solution, now you can read all international spam as Gmail will automatically translate that junk for you. Google announced on Tuesday that Automatic Message Translation — a Gmail feature that translates messages from one language to another — has graduated ... Read More »

Tweeting From The Grave!

Here is a funny through. Lets say you have died and been buried, but you don’t want to your followers in Twitter or your friends in Facebook to be lost in cyberspace. So, what do you do ? You tweet from the grave… Ever worry about what will happen to your social accounts if, one day, you suddenly bite the ... Read More »

Google Screenwise- A Privacy stealer?

Google has announced financial compensation to all those who help Google track their Online activity including all their private browsing stuff which means, after agreeing with Google for the small compensation, a User is actually giving away his every little online activity both Personal and Official activity. So Google will know, when you Browse online Your Office work [if you ... Read More »

Google America: Software Engineer, New Grad – North America Locations Walkin

Google America Walkin for Software Engineer and New Graduate: This position is based in Atlanta, GA; Boulder, CO; Cambridge, MA; Chapel Hill, NC; Chicago, IL; Irvine, CA; Kirkland/Seattle, WA; Mountain View, CA; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Los Angeles, CA or Waterloo, Ontario. The area: Engineering Simply put, Google engineers make computers do amazing things. Populated by extraordinarily creative, motivated ... Read More »