Monday , 11 December 2023
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Clever Google Search Tricks


Google is known for its innovative ideologies and how its way ahead of its customer demands. If you need something, rest assured the search giant has already had a solution for it months, maybe years ago. One can enjoy the best of Google’s search results if they know of the little tricks and ideas that let you enjoy distinct responses ... Read More »

Anonymous Hackers arrested!

Spain Police has gained success in identifying the Anonymous hackers after they arrest three people connected to the hacking of Master Card, Paypal and Amazon. The arrests were made simultaneously in three Spanish cities – Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. Anonymous Hacker had earlier claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony, Spanish banks because of the World Govt action against the whistle ... Read More »

Andy Irons Passes Away At Age 32

Andy Irons Passes Away At Age 32 It is with a heavy heart that we spread this news of Andy Irons untimely death. Initial reports have him passing away after getting dengue fever in Portugal or Puerto Rico (which would make more sense knowing that P.R. is a tropical climate and outbreaks have been reported). On Sunday, Andy, 32, withdrew ... Read More »