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Chronic bullying more dangerous to kids’ health


Does your kid show lack of interest in sport activities that involve running or walking or suffer from low self-esteem? Such signs are enough to alert you to the possibility of chronic bullying that your kid might be going through, shows new study. Bullying at any age was associated with worse mental and physical health, increased depressive symptoms and lower ... Read More »

Restless sleep behind widespread pain in the elderly?


In your 50s and suffer from widespread pain? Restless sleep may be the reason behind this. Researchers say non-restorative sleep is the strongest predictor of widespread pain onset among adults over age 50. Anxiety, memory impairment and poor physical health among older adults may also increase the risk of developing widespread pain. Muscle, bone and nerve (musculoskeletal) pain is more ... Read More »

Steroid Abuse Growing Among Teens

Steroid abuse has been increasingly common among adults now even it has got pretty popular among teens. Steroids are used by men and women to increase their body weight, quickly build muscle mass and get toned. But Steroids have their limitations, their get-muscle-quick factor is the major reason people resort to steroids, but why teens? We will have to thank ... Read More »

Nutella Not So Healthy, Loses Lawsuit!

Nutella has lost a class-action lawsuit filed by a Californian mother who discovered that Nutella chocolate spread packed more calories than jam or syrup. Ferrero, Nutella’s U.S division has to cough up $3 Million. The good news is through if you have ever purchased a jar of Nutella in California after August 2009 or elsewhere in U.S after January 2008 ... Read More »

Milk found Adulterated all over India: Health Department

Indian Health department has shown serious concern over the continual availability of adulterated or diluted Milk all over the country. The study, conducted this month by the food safety and standards authority of India, found milk was adulterated with skimmed milk powder and glucose, or more shockingly hydrogen peroxide, urea and detergent. Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleach, while urea ... Read More »

Irish economy shrinks by 1.2%

It has come as a surprise to many. The Irish economy has actually shrunk by 1.2% while everyone was expecting it grow. The Irish Republic’s economy shrank in the second quarter from the previous three months. Gross domestic product (GDP) fell 1.2%, the Central Statistics Office said. It also revised down its measure of growth in the first quarter to ... Read More »