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Worse Heart Attack damage happens at dawn

People who have a heart attack in the morning tend to fare worse than those who have one at other times of the day and night, experts have discovered. Heart attacks occurring between 0600 and noon are more likely to create a larger area of damaged heart tissue. The findings in Heart journal come from a study of over 800 ... Read More »

Bayer Aspirin prevents Heart Attacks?

Did you know that one Bayer aspirin a day might keep the doctor away? Aspirin is an anticoagulant, which means it helps reduce blood clotting. It also has a similar pain relieving effect to Paracetamol which makes it a very useful resource. Brands like Bayer Aspirin are widely available at pharmacists. When administered to patients suspecting a heart attack, Aspirin ... Read More »

Dick Cheney Hospitalized!

Former Vice President Richard B. Cheney, 69, was admitted to George Washington University hospital Friday after complaining of being uncomfortable, raising the possibility of further heart trouble. Cheney has had a history of heart attacks since before the 2000 election. In February, he suffered a mild heart attack, his fifth, and had a heart valve catheterized. Spokesman Peter Long said ... Read More »

Bypass Surgery can be a Killer

The popular bypass surgery that has been used on millions of patients worldwide to fix a vein blockage leading to the heart and thus saving millions of lives can actually be an killer. The doctors have so far used endoscope to remove leg veins for heart bypass surgery appears to actually damage veins and make the patients 52% more likely ... Read More »