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Facebook Looking to Acquire Opera

Facebook is now looking to acquire Opera, the makers of Opera browser for desktop and Opera Mini browser for mobile phones. Facebook has been in acquire-frenzy before going public and it still seems to be in the same mood. Facebook believes that by taking over Opera it might be able to create a customized and dedicated browser just for Facebook ... Read More »

One in 14 Downloads is Malicious!

Microsoft has come up with this new statistics. It looks like one out of 14 downloads done in a Windows machine is malicious. Now that is interesting. Considering most of the pop-ups want us to download ‘toolbar’ and ‘anti-virus’ softwares  to fix our computers. The media loves to blow everything out of proportion and make sure everyone lives in fear. ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 9 to introduce Anti-Tacking Tool

Internet Explorer 9 is all set to introduce a new feature called Anti-Tracking tool. This will allow the users to control what information is collected about their online activity. The tools will let people stop a site they are visiting sharing information about what they do with other sites. Users will be able to create lists stating that their data ... Read More »

How to safeguard your privacy online?

The Internet that has become so common today has seen millions of users using it day by  day. Thanks to social networking sites like Facebook,Myspace the rate of new users is going rapid high. Remember, whatever you type as a comment or any suggestions, everything is recorded by the Cyber Crime department which the US government has given full rights ... Read More »