Friday , 22 October 2021
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Foxconn to open plants in US?

Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple iPhone and electronic component supplier might just be planning to open plants in US Soil. They are eying potential locations in Detroit or LA. Yes, you are reading this correctly, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer wants to start a plant in US, while everyone else is running to China. All this while employees of Foxconn ... Read More »

Google’s 10-inch Nexus Tablet

Google has unveiled a much larger tablet, a 10-inch Nexus tablet, the Google Nexus 10. The tablet market is getting quite crowded and first-time tablet owners are confused with all the choices. Google 10-inch Nexus tablet has been launched after Microsoft launched Surface and Apple launched iPad Mini. Google, the world’s No.1 Internet search engine, has pushed deeper into the ... Read More »

Google Working on a $100 Tablet PC?

Rumors are rift suggesting that Google and Ausus are working on a $100 tablet. Now, this would be a major break-through. After the successful launch of Nexus 7 which was priced at $199, Google thinks it time to make tablet PC even more affordable, they want to give it for as low as $100. Guess what? This new tablet PC ... Read More »

American Airlines in-flight manuals to be replaced with iPads

Please make sure your seat belts are buckled, put your trays in the upright position, and make sure all electronic devices are powered off. Unless, of course, you’re the pilot: American Airlines has won approval from the FAA to jettison hefty in-flight reference manuals for Apple iPads. Though iPads are more expensive than the 35-pound reference books they’re replacing, the ... Read More »