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Google working on secret “X Phone”?

Google with the power of Motorola which it recently acquired has started working on a phone codenamed “X-Phone”. Google is designing this phone with an aim to steal the market share of the mobile market off Apple and Samsung. Wall Street Journal has reported this citing that people close to the project of “X-Phone” The Journal quoted the people saying ... Read More »

Google buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn

Google’s founder and chief executive “Larry Page” has announced today 15th of August, 2011, the purchase of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion by 2012. With mobile wars going global, with Apple looking to sue all the other competitive companies for a possible copyright infringement,  its high time that Google has acquired a world popular Motorola. Its official that Google has ... Read More »

Google Reshuffles Executive Team

Looks like Google’s new CEO Larry Page is feeling the heat. He has promoted at least seven executives to head key parts of the company. The management reshuffle is an attempt at streamlining a bureaucracy that’s sometimes bogged down Google even as it became the world’s most valuable Internet company. Page, Google’s 38-year-old co-founder, took over from Eric Schmidt, who ... Read More »