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Andaman Island Locals forced to Dance by Tourist

A large public outcry was seen among the rights group  following a video release from British newspaper The Observer that showed the locals in Andaman Islands being treated as Slaves and Human Zoos The released video, displayed  how Men who term themselves as Civilized turned into monkeys. Andaman Islands is not only the place of natural beauty, but also has ... Read More »

Rio de Janerio releases 2016 Olympics Logo

Brazil is all set to host 2016 Olympic games. In this process, she has unveiled the official Olympics logo for the 2016  games in front of million fans and media. Boy, it was thrilling. Carlos Nuzman, president of the Rio Olympic organizing committee said, “The logo for Rio’s 2016 Games conveys passion and transformation. The passion of all Cariocas and ... Read More »

Man refuses to chop down his tree

A man from England refuses to cut down his tree just because the tree can be seen in Google Earth Satellite view. Sounds funny right But not so funny for the  nearby residents who claim that tree’s root is spoiling the region. The locals seem concerned by the response shown by the man,Mr Alvand, who is not agreeing to chop down ... Read More »

Dead Girl in Google Street View!

Well, it seems apparently Google’s street view was involved in a murder. Google’s Street View of Middle Road in Worcester, England has a dead girl in it and Google as usual didn’t bother about it or report to the police at least. This is the actual image from Google’s street view : The locals who saw this on street view ... Read More »


The Bombay blasts are very disturbing. It raises many thoughts in one’s mind. I do not know where and whom to express these thoughts. I thought of putting them on paper so that I will get a feeling and satisfaction that I have expressed them to some one!!! We all saw how the so called politicians tried to take advantage ... Read More »