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Why so much hype into Saudi Woman lashing?

Saudi Woman named ‘Shema’ was sentenced to 10 lashing by the Saudi court for breaking the ban of  woman driving in the country which was against the country’s law which was then overturned by the Saudi King Abdullah . I fail to understand why there is so much hype particularly generated by western media who are running behind this issue ... Read More »

Crackdown on Social Media begins!

After vowing to defeat the rioters, Prime Minister Cameron has succeeded in stopping the rioters in most part of London by deploying thousands of cops and arresting hundreds of  rioters. However, an interesting action has been taken to stop the riots and the rioters  in future. PM Cameron has decided to stop the rioters using Social media. “Everyone watching these ... Read More »

Iranian Physicist Gunned Down in Front of his House

An Iranian nuclear physicist, Daryoush Rezaie, 35, was killed in an attack Saturday afternoon in front of his Tehran house by assailants on a motorcycle, Iranian media said. His wife sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital, according to the semi-official Iranian Students’ News Agency, or ISNA. Rezaie taught at Mohaqeq Ardebili Technical College, located in the northwestern city ... Read More »